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Open Source – even in design

In this category you can find the most needed and asked for presets for creating communication surrounding TYPO3. 

Web Templates

For any online / web-based communication, we have prepared a couple of CSS snippets in a git repository.

Presentation Templates

Do you want to hold a presentation at an official TYPO3 event or are you looking for the official TYPO3 presentation template? Here you go!

Marketing Templates

For any online or offline marketing efforts, we have composed several presets including templates for flyers, rollups, social media banners and more. 

Color Presets

Find all the color presets for your favourite design tools (Adobe, Sketch) in this download pack. 

Do you have any questions?

If you run into any problems using this styleguide or would like to contribute additional presets or templates, please don't hesitate to contact the desing team via Slack or mail to designteam(at)